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Ball on a Rope - LOOP

Ball on a Rope - LOOP

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A ball with a rope handle! This allows you to play both tug and fetch with your dog making the game more fun and interactive.

The core strand is the thicker rope running through the center of the handle. Additionally, pick 1 paracord color for the handle wrap.

Kong Squeezz balls are SQUEAKY! They are the only ball I could find that both squeaks and also has a hole!

The Chuckit Rebounce and Chew King balls DO NOT FLOAT! The Starmark balls and Chuckit Air balls sit just below the surface. The Kong Squeezz and Foam balls float.

**These are interactive toys and are not meant for unsupervised use.

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Customer Reviews

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Amanda Essington
Incredible quality and amazing customer service

I'm completely obsessed with the quality of this product, how pretty it looks and how amazing the customer service is. Definitely where I'm buying my training balls now!

Love these!!

My doggos & my daycare doggos LOVE these!! They’re great for fetchin & playin tug o war, & they love squeaking the ball during tug o war or when they’re just playin/chewin on the toys them selves! The loop is what makes it so great for tug o war!